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  • Whole industry chain service
    The whole industrial chain closed loop comprehensive regulation service provider

    To build a whole industry chain service system with four core businesses of planning, consulting and design, construction, equipment manufacturing, and intelligent operation and maintenance as one
  • Planning, consulting, design
    Multidisciplinary, whole-process, consulting planning and design services

    The establishment of a professional design institute, across municipal, water conservancy, landscape, environment, biology, ecology and other disciplines, with the goal of improving the quality of the water environment, to create a special technical system for comprehensive water environment remediation, to provide consulting planning and design services covering the whole professional chain and the whole cycle。
  • River basin comprehensive regulation
    Systematic water control, ecological water control, wisdom water control, scientific water control

    "Source control and pollution prevention, internal governance, ecological restoration, and living water quality preservation" as the main line to develop a full-cycle service plan, build upstream and downstream and coastal system governance mechanisms, coordinate the promotion of water ecological protection and governance, build a watershed smart water management and control platform, achieve continuous improvement of river environment, ensure long-term stability of water quality。
  • Lake ecological restoration
    Ecological restoration technology system to help achieve the goal of "fishing and swimming"

    Water ecological restoration technology system based on ten years of accumulation,Focus on maintaining the needs of ecological functions of water bodies,Coordinate the three elements of "water resources, water ecology and water environment",By enriching biodiversity,Build a perfect food chain network,To restore the self-purification function of the water body and continue to maintain,Finally realize the ecological diversity of "there are fish and grass",Strive to achieve the goal of "fishing and swimming"。
  • Comprehensive treatment of sewage in villages and towns
    The whole-process solution tailored to local conditions helps the construction of beautiful villages

    Focus on village sewage treatment, county-level sewage treatment plants and pipe network to improve quality and efficiency,Adhere to unified planning, construction, operation and maintenance, and management,Design principle according to local conditions,Establish a standardized management system,Provide investment control, planning and design, construction, environmental protection equipment, operation and maintenance management of the whole industry chain services,Create a full chain business closed loop,It has participated in nearly 100 town-level sewage plants,About 3,000 village-level sewage stations,Efficient, low cost to promote the project landing。
  • Channel silt resource utilization
    Master the key technologies of domestic leading sludge resource utilization

    On the basis of realizing the step by step separation and reduction of sludge and harmless, it is directly used for project greening and engineering backfill soil, and the tail water is discharged to meet the standard, realizing resource regeneration, and solving the traditional problems of sludge treatment, transportation and burial, and secondary pollution at one time。
  • Environmental protection equipment intelligent manufacturing
    To build a modern, technological and intelligent water environment intelligent equipment base in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

    Dongguan Environmental protection intelligent Equipment Industrial Park has been built, with a total construction area of 150,000 square meters and a long-term planning annual output value of 3 billion yuan, covering the research and development, production and display of agricultural pollution equipment in towns and villages, intelligent equipment for urban rainwater drainage, intelligent water equipment and intelligent robots。
  • Intelligent operation and maintenance
    Be a top quality water management expert

    To control water, the third part depends on treatment and the seventh part depends on management。The long-term stability of water quality is the goal of resource environmental protection,Through the application of ecosystem automation and mechanization operation and maintenance technology,Internet remote centralized management,Realize site automatic operation and unattended,Meet water quality monitoring, maintenance early warning, operation monitoring, security, data management and other needs,Formed its own long-term water quality management technology system and operation and maintenance means。
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